If you love photography as I do, I think you will agree with the fact, that the best time to take pictures is early in the morning, when the sun goes up and you have that wonderful light, the rays set on the rooftops and it tries to fill the narrow empty streets. It is the best time to make pictures, the streets are so calm that you can hear the wind rustling through. 

It was one of the mornings, when I decided to do something more than just to crawl in the bed. It was tough to wake up at 6 a.m., but I must admit, it was completely worth it. The idea of exploring Barcelona at its best just got me spinning.  No people, no rush. You have all the time for yourself. I felt in love. Once again.  It felt different, to do what you like and be surrounded by buildings, palms and no one else. That was the feeling I felt in love. The city felt different, it felt peculiar. 

Parc Natural d'Aigüestortes

Everyone who has an interest what I have been up to while staying and living in Spain, you can take a closer look. It wasn't just working and endless days staying at the beach, getting tanned as a proper Spanish lady. I had an opportunity to explore some wonderful places as well. If you ever end up in Spain, make sure you make the most of it. It is a beautiful country with its breath taking landscapes, views, cities, beaches. It would be a sin not to explore it to the fullest, as the truth is, you can't. The country is too big, but if you plan your time wisely and know where to go, there will be time for everything. 

I would like to share some pictures of one of my trips I had an opportunity to go. I spent the weekend in the mountains hiking and enjoying the beautiful landscapes, surrounded by wild animals and experiencing the true "nature". By that I mean, staying in a tent might be sometimes scary, and especially when you have an unpredicted storm, full of thunder and lightning, ice falling from the sky and prying to God to survive. That's what happens when you seek for adventure and when you finally   up for one, you can't predict anything. 

Going back to the main subject, the place I was visiting is called Parc Natural d'Aigüestortes, which is located in the Northern part of Spain, near a tiny country called Andora and the border of France. When you first look at the map, the place looks huge, but at the same time thrilling. There are a lot of  waterfalls, mountain lakes, which are crystal clear, refugee houses, especially for people who are hiking, loads of beautiful nature, which is impossible to be absorbed with your eyes to the fullest. Once you start the journey there is no way back. Well, actually there is, but what's the point to even start if you could not finish. There are several hiking tracks, which are gorgeous in its own way. And of course, if you are too tired or lazy to hike you can always go up with a car.

The best time to start hiking, especially in summer time, when the temperature goes up to 40 degrees, of course it is the morning. I would personally recommend to start at 6 am, if you are not too lazy even sooner. The latter you start the more chances you get to be "burnt alive". And by that I mean that the sun goes up so fast, you fell the heat and you lose the count of your steps and the sweat drops falling from your forehead. The hiking path is pretty difficult as the up hill is 50%, full of rocks and wood, running water. It might seem like a pretty challenge.Which actually is. If you are not in a good physical shape, it might be really exhausting, but the natural mountain water will keep you alive and going. 

Barcelona Love

As from the title you must have guessed about what this post is gonna be. I had a wonderful opportunity to go and explore this beautiful city with one of my beloved friends. It is a breath taking place, full of sights, culture, people and most importantly nature. Barcelona has a wast number of parks, monuments, places you can visit and explore. Unfortunately, I was there only for a week, which was not enough for me to delve deeply into the city's spirit.

I would like to share some pictures I have made.

Beautiful Copenhagen

If you have never been there, oh yes, you must definitely visit. Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been, let's admit that and be fair. If some of you might not know ( that would be actually a shame) it is located in Denmark. It is the capital and is a part of Nordic or one of the Scandinavian countries. It is full of life and people. You can actually feel the spirit which is all around. It is not only rich by its history, which we all must have heard of (he Vikings' one), but it is marvelous by its appearance. When you walk around you can feel the history, the story that lies behind the buildings. The monuments are everywhere. The narrow streets just takes your breath away, all you want to do just to get lost and lead its pathway. No matter where you would go, you will always see something new and unexperienced. The famous author Hans Kristian Andersen did live here. All the fairy tales and stories you must have heard about the Mermaid or Girl With The Matches were written here. When you walk around - you can feel it. It is a city of the fairy tales. The buildings and the architecture makes you rise your head and just admire - How beautiful and yet outstanding the city is.

Inspo Insta

To say thousand  words or not to say? Sometimes it is better to be silent. That's what I am going to do today. 

Inspire and aspire. 

Enjoy and take every single piece of it. 

I would like to share some pictures from my Instagram account. If you are looking for inspiration or motivation, do not hesitate. 

If there are people that you adore and makes an influence on you, please, share them :)


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